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    1. FCTS Justifiable Homicide Reference Guide

    2. FCTS Mutually Exclusive Offense Code Matrix

    3. FCTS Assault Decision Tree

    4. FCTS Hate Crime Bias Motivation Resource Guide

    5. FCTS NIBRS Drug Type Cheat Sheet

    6. FCTS NIBRS Location Type Resource Guide

    7. FCTS NIBRS Property Description Resource Guide

    8. FCTS NIBRS Race & Ethnicity Resource Guide

    9. FCTS NIBRS Warning Codes & Messages Reference Guide

    10. FCTS NIBRS Error Code Numbers & Messages Reference Guide

    11. FCTS NIBRS Warrant Rules Reference Guide

    12. FCTS California Data Elements

    1. Location Type (April 2022)

    1. Duplicate Offense Error

    2. Type of Arrest

    3. Will Smith vs Chris Rock

    4. What is the SAME TIME & PLACE rule?

    5. What is ACTING IN CONCERT?

    6. What is an INCIDENT?

    7. What is considered a STRUCTURE for a BURGLARY offense?

    8. What is the HOTEL/MOTEL rule?

    1. 1st Q&A is July 15th!

    2. Quarterly Q&A October 20 at 1:00 pm (EASTERN)

    1. FBI NIBRS Technical Specification Manual (v2019.2.1)

    2. FBI NIBRS User Manual (v2021.1)

    3. FBI Hate Crime Data Collection Guidelines and Training Manual (v3.0)

    4. FBI Cargo Theft User Manual (v1.0)

    5. FBI NIBRS XML Developer's Guide (v2019.2.3)

    6. FBI National Use-of-Force Data Collection Technical Specification-Flat File & Bulk Load (v4.5)

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